Monday, May 23, 2011

New Things Are Fantastic!

 I am most excited about my two new polishes.. Brazilliant and Absolutely Shore! I know you guys know what these look like in the bottle.. but I completely forgot to take a picture to upload earlier. A picture of my nails will be posted tomorrow! Promise :) I can tell you this though, these will be the two colors I will be wearing ALL summer!

     JewelMint's Aqua Bomb Ring was my discounted piece that I picked out last week. I chose a ring based off of how I usually wear jewelry.. I don't wear many necklaces and I wear the same Tiffany's bracelet and earrings every day, so I picked this funky ring! It's a bold yet minimal piece. I love the aqua ends too.. they are great for summer! This piece was only $9 I believe which is incredible. Also, if you do purchase this ring and can't decide on a size.. go bigger! This ring is slightly adjustable, always a plus! 

About a month ago I purchased several Lorac items from Hautelook, and they finally came today! Yes, the wait was killer, but completely worth it! Each item was only $2! That's about 80% percent off! So I bought 7 thing.. an On Screen Duo in Fame and Fortune, two eye pencils in black and brown, three lipglosses, and one Baked Matte Satin Eyeshadow in Posh. Unfortunately, the Lorac site no longer has the lipglosses that I purchased available. I will post a picture tomorrow though.. one was for me, one for my aunt, and one for my mom. The On Screen Duo and Shadow are both on sale on the Lorac site for $2, and the eyeliners are $3! These products are being discontinued, but you can still get your hands on them for now! The On Screen Duo is fabulous! It has a shimmery powder highlighter in the top and a creamy liner in the bottom. I wore both of them along with the Posh shadow today, and they all worked great! The reason I say "creamy" liner instead of gel is because it's honestly not a gel. I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction. The consistence is awesome though, and it stays on just like a gel would! Posh is a good summer's day shadow. You could use it as a highlight or a crease color, so it's very versatile! 

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I also received a bracelet from BaubleBar. The picture of it is unavailable on the site until you are offered the free gift.. so I can't really show it to you guys. But it's an absolutely adorable light brown leather wrap bracelet with little gold studs on it. I only had to pay shipping for this item, a mere $4! It's a great layered look for summer and very on trend. If you want this free offer you HAVE to be invited by a current member.. so here's my invitation link if you are still interested!

I hope you guys enjoyed my post :) I will be doing reviews and pictures of these products soon enough. Let me know if you've made any new little purchases lately! Getting a great deal is so rewarding!

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