Monday, May 30, 2011

The Drop of Shame

Unfortunately in the beauty world there are many products out there that aren't worth ranting and raving about. I have a handful of products that have taking the drop of shame into the dreaded trashcan. Just like most of you, I love reading about products that others have tried and love.. but even more than that would have to be reading reviews on products that I SHOULD NOT Purchase. So I've decided to share my not so fortunate experiences with you guys. Close your eyes and this page if you don't want to hear my fairly strong opinions about these loved-by-some products.

This would be Neutrogena's SkinClearing mineral powder with Micro Clear technology. This is by far the most horrible product I have EVER used. And let me tell you, I've used a ton of products. The packaging is nice, and it comes with this odd powder puff applicator. One side claims to be for fuller coverage, and the other for mild. Neither one did anything for me. I couldn't even get this powder to stick to my face. You might think I only used it this one time, maybe I did it wrong, maybe there was something that I had put on my skin that caused the repulsion.. but no. I tried this product about three different times and never had anything close to success. I obviously can't even comment on the whole "skin clearing power" considering I couldn't even get it to go on my face.

ELF shadows. Most love them.. I, on the other hand, do not. Yes, they are extremely affordable, but I don't care for these shadows at all. If they were all you could afford I would buy them over nothing, but they really aren't all they're cracked up to be. They aren't pigmented at all. The few times I tried wearing them it took forever just to get something that looked like color to appear on my lid. Once I was able to get it built up enough they were very inconsistent and would be very dark at one spot and barely there on others. And no, it was not the application that ruined it.. I used MAC brushes every time. I'm not completely dissing this line, but I just don't care for it. I would spend a little bit more money to get a much better quality product for sure! 

Every few months I always end up giving a different drugstore product a chance in hopes of saving some money. Unfortunately my most recent attempt failed miserably. About a month ago I purchased Covergirl's Cheekers Blush in Snow Plum. Now before I unleash my hate towards this product I have to say that it was only $3, so it's not like I broke the bank to get this. With that being said, it is completely worth investing more for a better blush. This doesn't even show up on my skin. Not even in a swatch on my hand. It's just a tiny hint of shimmer and an extremely strong perfumey smell. The smell is awful, and made me feel like I had sprayed perfume on my face. I definitely would never reccommend this product.

     I'll leave it at those three for now only because this post is getting a little long. I'll do a part 2 sometime in the near future!

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