Saturday, May 7, 2011

Late Night With Lullabell.. and Dakota!

It's 3am and I can't sleep..
What better to do than a blog post?
So I've been hooked on this android application called Fashion News. It's a one stop shop for a whole bunch of different fashion related news sites. You can customize what comes up on your page and pick celebs to keep a watch on as well. It has a few little glitches.. but it's free! So I could honestly care less. Well one of the celebs I have on my little homepage is Dakota Fanning. I absolutely adore her.. and to go along with it, her style is killer! Everything about her always looks so effortlessly put together. This is proven to be true once again in a recent picture of here at LAX. She's at the airport and still looks so styleish! I love the layered look with the sweater and jacket. Her jeans are amazing too.. they fit her perfectly and flare just the right amount on the bottom. I want some! Being the sunglass-aholic that I am.. my hands down favorite part of this laid back look is the sunglasses! They are Elizabeth and James Madison cateye sunglasses.. and I am loving them! They are definitely taking a top spot on my want list!

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