Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Pampering Never Hurts!

Bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, scrubs, lotions.. anything of that luxe bath nature. I love it all! So here's a few of my favorite products for those lazy, relaxing, you-just-need-to-be-pampered days and nights :)

If you like bath products of any sort I HIGHLY recommend checking out Basin or Basin White! Basin White is the more upscale version and can be found exclusively in the Venetian resort in Las Vegas and The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. I was introduced to these amazing products on one of my many trips to Walt Disney World about 3 years ago. My family was staying at The Grand Floridian, where they have a Basin White, and then there is a Basin located in Downtown Disney as well. The stores have the best smell in the entire world, and lure you in from a mile away!

This was the first product I ever purchased from the Basin White line. It's the Pink Sugar Bath Bomb, and it's absolute heaven! Cotton candy and sugar soothe you're senses with this incredible bomb. I honestly can not explain to you how much I love this. It is $4.99, but you can purchase Bath Bomb Barrels of different sizes where you basically buy four and get one free, and that's what I always do of course! Some of the other bombs that I love oh so dearly are Almond Coconut, Orange Cantaloupe, Tranquility, Sweet Pea and Vanilla, and Lilly of the Valley. The bombs come in three different sizes, but each scent only comes in one size. Pink Sugar is a large bomb, so you're tub will be filled to the brim with the sweet goodness!

This is another product from Basin White that is incredible! It's their Salt Scrub and it's a total skin saver! I use it on my hands regularly and every now in then I'll do my feet and legs. Rough skin will be no more with this baby! Plus it's absolutely gorgeous sitting in your bathroom!

Basin White's Pink Sugar Moisturizer is another product that I swear by. This is the same scent as the bath bomb but in this indescribable moussey lotion. It is $17, but I'm pretty sure my mom and I have been through four bottles of this.. so it's definitely worth a little extra money.  

This lotion from the Chateau Elan Spa is amazing and so luxurious! My Aunt received this as a gift from my friend's mom, and we love it so much! I use it every single time I'm at her house. As a opposite to the Pink Sugar moisturizer, this is scented with lemongrass and green tea. It smells like you're at an expensive spa, and it moisturizes soo well! It leaves you feeling soft and subtle every time, and the scent lasts for hours! 

Last, but not least, are these Aromatherapy Stress Relief Bath Salts from Bath and Body Works. They are Eucalyptus Spearmint infused and fill you're bathroom with that wonderful spa-like smell! To be honest, I completely hated the smell when I first got them, but after two or three uses I fell in love! At only $16, I consider this product pretty affordable, and they're a lot more accessible than the previous products. I've gotten about 10 bath uses out of these and still have enough for one or two more!

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  1. I love the look of these products, they look so luxurious! unfortunately I don't think they are available here, which bums me out. I so want to go on a shopping holiday to the US.