Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blood Orange Summer Lovin'

 I love everything about blood oranges. The color, the taste, the smell.. I love it all. And I find them to be even more fabulous in the sweet summer time. Spicy orange and red are such fierce colors and they accent any summer glow! Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange line is absolute heaven. I have the roll on perfume, the body butter, and the body wash. I use all three every day. It's an indescribable smell.. fruity, but not so fruity you can't wear it as a scent. I get complements every time the smell lingers from slathering on these products. The Bliss sugar scrub is something I've never tried, but when you're wanting silky smooth legs for summer this would be great for exfoliating! Corals, Oranges, and Reds are super hot this season! From your lips to nail polish to accessories.. anything goes! I can't go through this post without including Ciao Bella's Blood Orange Sorbet. Oh. My. Gosh. This is hands down the BEST ice cream/sorbet/gelato of any sort that I have ever put in my mouth. Plus, it's a lesser calorie option for cooling down on those long summer days.

(I'm not sure why the orange crop top wasn't linked, but it's from ASOS!)

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  1. Hey There, Thank you so much for following my blog! And I right there with you for everything orange, coral and red and I'm also a fan of Pacifica's Tuscan Blood orange roll on fragrance as well. I followed you back :)