Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer Lovin' With Michael Kors Spring Makeup

     Here are two shots of models from the Michael Kors Spring 2011 fashion show. Both of these girls are absolutely stunning, and I am LOVING this makeup look! I will probably do a tutorial for it soon. It's just very natural with that just-been-to-the-beach flush. It's not too glowy.. which can just make you look oily. It's just a simple light brown smoky shadow, some contouring of the cheeks, and a nude/pink lipstick. I probably wouldn't use gloss.. just because I like the matte look since it's more soft and natural. A  soft brown liner would get this look.. and I would use pencil for sure. Fill in the brows a bit and you're good to go! I also love this hair! Very beachy. Like you've just came in from a windy walk in the sand. They're both just ponytails or buns that have been pulled and teased to achieve a fallen out look about it. This is just an all around great every day spring/summer look!

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