Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few new items..

In my last post I mentioned Forever21 as one of my go-to stores for affordable items. The cheap prices make it very easy to fill up your wardrobe. I was very intimidated by this store when I first went in one.. but now I could stay in there for hours! Here are a few items I have purchased from Forever21 for this spring and summer.

 One of my favorite new purchases is this tribal print skirt that I got for only $12.50. I love the bright red that contrasts with the black, white and nude. It makes the skirt really fun and extremely versatile. I would probably pair this with either a black tank or a gray or white solid t-shirt. Black strappy flats would look great with this look. I would maybe where a chunky black ring or a sleek necklace with this outfit, but I would definitely keep the accessories to a minimum.
Tribal print is VERY in by the way :)

 I'm a huge fan of the tribal print trend.. so here's a more simple t-shirt that I purchased. It's just black and white so this would be super cute with a solid bright colored skirt or pair of shorts. Any type of gladiator sandal would look great with this look, and once again I would keep the accessories to a minimum. This shirt is only $15.80 and is super comfy! It's not too thin, but it's still very light weight.

 I LOVE floral prints and dresses with some sort of sleeve.. so I got this cute flowy dress for $19.80. Its really comfy and I'm always a fan of buying a whole outfit in one. It comes with a little belt and all you have to do is throw on some sandals.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring fevaaa!

Spring (and summer.. but I won't push it) couldn't come any sooner! Shorts, lightweight flowy tops, sandals! Ahhh.. I can't help myself. So I'm on the hunt for a few new spring time wardrobe staples. I usually will splurge on one or two versitle items and then shoot for sales and cheaper store like Forever 21 for the rest. My style is generally pretty simple and basic.. so here's a look at what I will hopefully be purchasing soon for this spring!

Chambray button ups. My new favorite clothing item. I already own one from Jcrew, but I've worn it so many times I could really use another. Who ever said too many of one thing was bad anyways?

  I love this pink oyster chambray shirt from Madewell. It's super light weight, and would go great with almost anything. Tucked into skirts, with denim shorts, over leggings, or with capris on cooler nights. Wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. I would probably get a size up because I like them to be a little looser. It's my definite go to item for spring.


These Sam Edelman sandals from the Spring collection are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the lace up front and the nude color that will go with everything! I have so many pairs of basic sandals, but I really like these.. they're different but still simple and definitely okay for every day wear!

 This is probably the last splurge item I would purchase. I always get a new bag for spring, and I really like this one from Urban Outfitters! It's really big and will fit anything and everything you could possibly need on those long spring and summer days. You can slide in your makeup bag, bikini, extra shoes, even a beach towel! It comes in a light nude color too, but light colored bags never work well for me and this redish color is really fun and pretty!

 I hardly ever spend much on jewelry.. well for that matter I don't really wear jewelry that often anyways. Except rings. I LOVE RINGS. And usually have one on every day. This ring from the handmadebybluebird shop on Etsy is super cute and vintagey.. and only $14! I love the filigree band and the big baby blue stone! It would look great with almost anything you would wear.


  Last but nowhere near least.. these Erica Weiner bracelet sets. You get four carefully selected vintage bracelets for only $35. They would be cute worn separately.. or all stacked together. However you feel like wearing them. I love the thrill of getting a surprise in the mail too since you never know which bracelets they will send you. Plus we all know how much I love Erica Weiner jewelry!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lily Lolo anyone?

I have been looking into Lily Lolo mineral makeup. I've been debating if I should purchase some samples or not and was wondering if anybody you know has heard of it or tried it before? It's a European line. I've used bareMinerals makeup powder since I started using makeup four years ago. There's not one thing wrong with what I am already using, I'm just interested in trying something new.

* Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics


I'm a jewelry addict. I buy it all the time. But it's pretty unusual for me to get something that I will wear for more than about a week. This line of jewelry has changed that completely! Erica Weiner's line of jewelry is my love. I guess you could say I'm obsessed. Her jewelry is EXACTLY my style. Every single piece. It's delicate, yet bold. and vintage in the most perfect ways. For the most part, with the exception of the Fine & Antique items (which are good prices for what they are, I just can't afford any of them), it is all reasonably priced in my opinion. So go check it out!
This is the ring that Nick got me for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it! I wear it every single day. He's bought me something new for my birthday from there, and I CAN'T WAIT! I'll make sure to post pics and let you know what it is when it gets here! (which will hopefully be tomorrow!) I am also planning on purchasing some things for myself, but of course I'm waiting to make sure I don't double buy. Although that might not be so bad :)


Another gem to share with you

If you don't already know about/use the following websites you should REALLY look into them. I check all of them almost every day and have bought items from all three of my favorites.
These websites are invitation-only (or you can sign up, but you usually have to wait a few days to get a response and gain access to the website) private sales. New sales are added daily and usually only stay up for a few days. Once again, I was a bit skeptical when I saw these sites, but after buying several different items from all three I don't have even the least bit of doubt. My favorite purchase was a pair of bright blue special edition RayBan Wayfarers that I got from Gilt for $79. That's $80 off! And they are 100 percent real and authentic. Mom and Aunt have both bought Cole Haan shoes and Marmot jackets. I have also gotten a couple Free People clothing items too. So basically, these sites are GREAT! And I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They have such a wide range of items. Clothing, shoes, bags, electronics, accessories, furniture, home goods, kitchen ware, cosmetics.You name it, and I'm sure it's been on one of them. Even vacation deals from Gilt! (Gilt's website- and that's another story in itself)
Well.. you need to go check these out for yourselves. You'll have to sign up of course, but it's worth it.
Here's my invitation links to make the process a whole lot easier.
-Rue La La Invite
-Gilt Invite
-HauteLook Invite
Have fun :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where to begin...

I might as well dive right into this. My latest finding is the Mario Badescu skincare line. And I can honestly say I'm hooked. I stumbled across the line in a youtube video ( The first product I purchased was the Silver Powder. It claims to "Immediately diminish blackheads, Unclogs pores, and absorbs oil". I was a bit skeptical about it at first, especially considering how cheap it was. I mean $12? Seriously? It was about a week before I got it in the mail. I got to choose three free samples that came along with it. I chose the Cellufirm Drops, Whitening Mask, and the Special Cucumber Lotion*. Being the product addict that I am, I slapped the Silver Powder on my face the first chance I got. It's pretty simple application and not even the least bit messy. You just wet a cotton ball and dab it in the powder. When you wipe It on your face it turns to a thick mask like cream. You leave it on for ten minutes and then clean it off with toner. This stuff is amazing. My new all time favorite product for sure. After one use the skin in my t-zone, especially my nose, had noticeably tightened and I had significantly less blackheads. My mom, aunt, and Nick all three commented on my skin without knowing I had applied anything. That same night Miller, Mom, and Aunt all made me apply the powder to them. Then tonight I did it to Nick too. Nick and Miller both have fairly bad blackheads, and their skin looked SO much better after one application. I am thoroughly impressed with this product.

*I'll go into detail about the previous products along with others that I have purchased since then in other posts. This product honestly deserved a post of its own.