Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another gem to share with you

If you don't already know about/use the following websites you should REALLY look into them. I check all of them almost every day and have bought items from all three of my favorites.
These websites are invitation-only (or you can sign up, but you usually have to wait a few days to get a response and gain access to the website) private sales. New sales are added daily and usually only stay up for a few days. Once again, I was a bit skeptical when I saw these sites, but after buying several different items from all three I don't have even the least bit of doubt. My favorite purchase was a pair of bright blue special edition RayBan Wayfarers that I got from Gilt for $79. That's $80 off! And they are 100 percent real and authentic. Mom and Aunt have both bought Cole Haan shoes and Marmot jackets. I have also gotten a couple Free People clothing items too. So basically, these sites are GREAT! And I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They have such a wide range of items. Clothing, shoes, bags, electronics, accessories, furniture, home goods, kitchen ware, cosmetics.You name it, and I'm sure it's been on one of them. Even vacation deals from Gilt! (Gilt's website- and that's another story in itself)
Well.. you need to go check these out for yourselves. You'll have to sign up of course, but it's worth it.
Here's my invitation links to make the process a whole lot easier.
-Rue La La Invite
-Gilt Invite
-HauteLook Invite
Have fun :)

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