Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Looks

I usually don't pay much attention to what's floating down the runway. It's all usually very wild and out there.. stuff I could never actually wear down the streets of good ole Knoxville. I saw some pictures from D&G's Spring runway and I fell in love! It's all very light and fun. White lace is the trend for most of the outfits.. and then there's a little bit of white lace with some awesome animal print! Love it! So here are some shots from the runway and some dresses that I've found that are very similar to these very wearable trends!
Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011


Dresses Available to Us!  

This Forever 21 dress is very simple and more of the crochet-type lace. It has little ruffle sleeves that barely cover the tops of the shoulder. This would be really cute with some layered necklaces and maybe a pop of color for shoes. It is a very versatile dress.. wear it by itself for a very sweet summers day look, contrast the girly lace with a leather jacket or even a light brown tailored blazer! Plus it will only set you back $22.80.

I really love this Forever 21 dress and was going to purchase it in the store the other day until I realized they didn't have my size! The whole dress is lace with a simple contrasting sash around the waist. I think it makes the lace look a little less frilly and much better for every day wear. And at a mere $24.80 it's a whole lot more on the affordable end as well!

  This Aqua dress is from Bloomingdale's and is a lot more fitted than the previous options. This again is a VERY versatile dress. It's very simple, but the lace detailing makes it a lot more intricate and complex. Although you could layer other items on top, I would probably just wear this dress with a chunky bracelet and lighter brown wedges keeping the other accessories to a minimum. I think that would really bring out the beauty of this dress. You could also skip the jewelry and go for a more edgy look with draping a cheetah print scarf (like the one below)around your neck with simple black or brown pumps.It will set you back $88 which is a step up from the past two.

This is probably my favorite of these four dresses. It's Pins and Needles from Urban Outfitters. There is lace on top and then just pleated knit on the bottom. I would wear this all the time because it isn't too lacy but still has enough of the trend to stand out. A leopard print belt at the waist like the one below would compliment this nicely and go right along with the D&G style! You will have to part with $59 for this one, which in my opinion is probably the best price for the look and quality.

This Micheal Kors Leopard belt from Bloomingdale's is the perfect way to add a touch of the animal print into your outfit. It's a bold yet minimal statement that could be worn with plenty of other outfits of course. I think it's important to keep a print like this very classy and tailored. You will be spending $50 dollars for this belt, but I think belts are a good item to splurge on since they can spice up almost anything.

These are Bamboo Colada pumps from Lulu's. They are a easy and minimal way to add the animal print touch to your little lace dress. Being only $34 they are really affordable and would go with plenty of other outfits. They would be a good investment to add into your wardrobe!

You can get this Ralph Lauren scarf from Bloomingdale's for only $45. It is a good piece to spice up any outfit, including a cute little lace dress!


  1. I love it too! I'm actually going yo Forever21 tonight to look for some lacey pieces! Maybe I'll do a post on what I pick up!