Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Favorites of the Moment!

I have up two new beauty goodies this week that I am absolutely in love with.. so I thought I'd share with you guys! Have you gotten anything exciting lately?! If so, let me know in the comments! Enjoy! :)

The first thing I got was this nail polish! It is Essie's Naughty Nautical, and I can't get over how gorgeous it is! It is described as a marine blue-green shade, but it definitely leans toward the blue side. It shows up a little bit dark on my nails in this pic because of the shadows, but it is a bright color for sure. There is also the slightest bit of shimmer in this polish. It doesn't show up on the nail unless you really look for it. With that being said, I find that the shimmer makes this polish easier to apply. That's a bonus in my book! Anyways, I just REALLY love this color for summer! I'm certain I will be wearing it non-stop!

 The second thing I have is this AMAZING lip gloss from Dior. I tried my best to capture the color of this product, but it was quite hard and this picture just does not do it justice. It is super glittery and oh-so beautiful! This is the shade 343 Spring Ball. I would deem this color the perfect peachy pink! It is more peach than pink, and it is filled with lots of golden micro glitter. The sparkle is noticeable on the lips, but in a subtle good way. It's not super chunky or anything, although you can feel the grit of the glitter a tiny bit. The gloss applies flawlessly and gives me the absolute perfect natural, but still put together, look on my lips. This comes from the Dior Addict gloss collection and was part of the current main display on the Dior shelf of my local Sephora. It is the first Dior product I have ever owned and would definitely a splurge for me. Thankfully, my Aunt surprised me with it as a "Yay For Finishing the First Year of College With All A's and B's" gift :). I'm in love!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early Summer Essentials!- Part 1

It's May!! Which means.. IT'S SUMMERTIME! Well, at least in my book! I've been done with classes and finals for a few days now, and it feels absolutely wonderful! I finally have time to get back into blogging and such, and I'm ecstatic! Anyways.. enough with the blabbing. Here are some things I am currently loving as it starts to warm up here in Tennessee.

 This first item is bareMinerals' All-Over Face Color in Pure Radiance. I picked this up at their outlet store in Destin, Florida two months ago, and I'm so in love with it! It is so effortless and easy that I haven't used a single blush since I got it. I thought it might be too much sparkle when I first got it, but it actually blends out to a perfect glow. I sweep it over my cheeks, temples, hairline, down my nose and a tiny bit on my chin. So it kind of doubles for blush and bronzer. It blends flawlessly and gives your whole face an instant healthy lift!
 I'm a nail polish junkie, addict, hoarder... you get the point. Normally I use different nail polishes every time I give myself a manicure, but lately I have found myself gravitating towards these two beauties more than others. The first one is Illamasqua's Nail Varnish in Lament. It's a magnificent summery coral with the ever so slightest golden shimmer. To be honest, I didn't even know the color had shimmer until I took the bottle outside and then confirmed what I saw on the Illamasqua website. I had worn the color multiple times and never even noticed. The second polish is Ciate's Big Yellow Taxi, a gorgeous, totally opaque yellow creme! This is the first yellow that I've ever actually liked on my nails. It's so bright and fun for this time of year!

 I have two simple lip products that are must-haves for me right now. They are the Maybelline Baby Lips.. one in Melon Mania (left) and one in Twinkle. Melon Mania gives my lips just the slightest bright pink color. It almost just enhances my normal lips. This is the only lip color I've been wearing lately. It puts my look together without making me look overdone. Twinkle just comes out clear and I use it as a nice dose of moisture when I'm not wearing much makeup. And they both smell SO yummy.. a definite bonus for me!
Lastly, on a non-beauty note.. With the days getting sunnier, these Ray-Ban Wayfarers haven't left my side. I wear them anywhere and everywhere! I got them as a late birthday gift, and I'm in love. I have two other pairs of Wayfarers, but this Light Tortoise color is just so nice and carefree. Regardless of what color they are, these sunglasses are amazing quality.. a million times better than any other designer sunglasses I've owned. So if you're in need of some nice sunnies, definitely check these out!

Until next time...


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rimmel Stay Glossy

I have been hitting the drugstore aisles way too much for my own good lately.. it's a problem. But at least I get some fun products to share out of it! I had intentions of posting pics of to go along with this post, but I honestly just got lazy and wanted to go ahead and write it. Soo.. I'll probably post swatches and such later on! I'm going to quit intro blabbing for now and get into the good stuff!

I can think Tonya Burr for this first new obsession of mine. Damn you, beauty vloggers..  always sucking me into believing that I MUST have new products. Anywho.. the Rimmel Stay Glossy lipglosses are incredible! I could go on for days about these... but I'll spare you that one :) These glosses are nicely pigmented, creamy, long lasting, and not the least bit sticky. The only complaint I have is the smell. Some people supposedly like it, but I am definitely not a fan. It smells a bit like an old woman to me. With that being said, the scent wears away quite fast so it is totally worth it. My two favorites are All Day Seduction, a nice coraly pink with gold shimmers, and Non-Stop Glamour, a nude golden pink. They last SO long, and are only around the $4 mark!