Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miss USA's Emerald Eyes!


As I am sure most of you know, the Miss USA 2011 pageant was held on Sunday. All of the contestants were absolutely stunning and flawless! I could willingly spend hours scoping out every single girl's makeup for the show, but unfortunately that would take entirely too long. So, instead I'm going to highlight the big winner, Miss California, Alyssa Campanella. I loved her entire look, and I love her feisty auburn hair, even if she is a natural blonde.

Very smokey eyes were a pretty solid trend for the pageant this year, and I can definitely see why. Smokey eyes bring out the best in everyone. It is a sultry look that brings on the hotness! Alyssa's take on it was perfect too. Her dress was a beautiful emerald color, so she followed that through in her makeup. It's not a strong green though, just a hint to make everything come together.
As usual, start with a primer (Urban Decay is my faithful fav) all over your lids and up to your brows. Then I would cover the entire lid with NARS shadow in Night Porter. It is a deep greenish-black with amazing emerald glitter. If I were to do it, this would be my main color for this look. You can always go lighter or darker to suit your taste.
Follow this with any black shadow. I would probably pick a matte to offset the lid and highlight color, but anything will work. Place the black shadow in your outer corner and make sure to blend it really well. Take a small brush and apply the same black on the outer lower lash line. Connect this up to the crease and blend it up into your brow bone for a cat eye effect. I would use the Night Porter again and apply it over the rest of the lower lash line and into where you placed the black- just to make sure everything blends together. A little dusting of Urban Decay's Urb on the inner corner would really make your eyes pop. It's a perfect light green!
MAC's Blanc Type, or any matte beige will go great as a highlight on the brow bone. I definitely would keep it matte for this- anything else will be too overwhelming.
Top all of this off with black liner on the upper lash line. Sweep it out a little to go along with the cat eye. I would probably use liquid, like Urban Decay's Liquid Liner in Perversion, but anything that is blackest black will do. A curl of the lashes and two coats of DiorShow mascara would finish this fabulously!

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